Through SNS, you received the following message from Jim in America.
Jim and his family - Anna, and two small children - will visit Japan for several weeks. You know him well and you are going to see him during his stay in Japan.
Read the following post and write your suggestion to Jim!

Dear my friends in Japan

I have finished packing and we are ready to leave our country for Japan. We are so excited! I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan.

By the way, I have yet to decide how to spend our last day in Japan. I want to take my family, including the two young boys, to a place which is not too far away from our hotel in Tokyo. I want to let my kids enjoy themselves for the whole day. If I and Anna can also enjoy ourselves, that will be great. Could you recommend any place? I would appreciate it if you also tell me how to go to the place from our hotel near Tokyo Station.
Thank you very much in advance.

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