Through SNS, you received the following message from Jim in America.
Jim and his family - Anna, and two small children - will visit Japan for several weeks. You know him well and you are going to see him during his stay in Japan.
Read the following post and write your suggestion to Jim!

Dear my friends in Japan

I have finished packing and we are ready to leave our country for Japan. We are so excited! I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan.

By the way, I have yet to decide how to spend our last day in Japan. I want to take my family, including the two young boys, to a place which is not too far away from our hotel in Tokyo. I want to let my kids enjoy themselves for the whole day. If I and Anna can also enjoy ourselves, that will be great. Could you recommend any place? I would appreciate it if you also tell me how to go to the place from our hotel near Tokyo Station.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi, jim

I recommed ASAKUSA!

I like there very much!
There are many interesting place to play and sopping

Most famous place in ASAKUSA is SENSOUJI
It is a big temple
Bore you go to there,you have to go though NAKAMISE street
In that street,I think you must enjoy to shopping souvenir
Even though I am Japanese,I can enjoy there!

There is HANAYASHIKI where is the oldest amusement park in Japan
Children will be able to enjoy !

By the way,how to go there...

Get to YAMANOTE line
And get off at ASAKUSA
It takes a few ten minutes to ASAKUSA from TOKYO!:-)


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Hi,Jim !
I'm looking forward to seeing u too.

My recommendation is an area near TOKYO SKY TREE.You will be surprised the height tower ! And there is a aquarium near this place.
And then you can go shopping at the SORAMACHI. The SORAMACHI has many shops, for example, Japanese souvenir shop, brand shop, general shop, and more.......
When we go to this place, we use public line. From tokyo station, take JR Sobu Rapid Line and get off at Oshiage station. We can arrive about 16 minutes.
If you need more information, you click this site.

I can't be wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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good place to visit
I'm happy to hear that you are ready to come to Japan.

I will show you one city where I'd like you to go.
It is Akihabara!
Do you know Akihabara?
There are many kinds of stores.
For example, there are so many many video arcades!
It can let not only your sons but also you enjoy.
Also, there are a lot of electronics.
You can find what you want.

Next,I will tell you how to go there.
It's easy to get there.
You can take JR-Keihin-tohoku-negishi line.
And you get off the train at Akihabara.

I hope you can have a nice trip.
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Dear Jim.

Hi!I'm Kota.
A place I recommend is 『Tokyo DisneySea』.
The place is an amusement park about Disney. DisneySea is only one around the world.
In there, everyone must be happy.
How to go there from Tokyo Station is riding Keiyou line. About 15 minutes later, you get off the train. And you arrive Tokyo DisneySea.
Enjoy your trip.

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Hi Jim.
I'm looking forward to seeing you too.

I recommend Sunsinecity in Ikebukuro.
Sunsinecity, which is like large department, have many placese enjoyed.
For example,there is aquarium where kids enjoy themselves. And you and Anna will enjoy shopping at many shops. You take Marunouchi line of Tokyo metro from Tokyo station to Ikebukuro. It's takes about ten-minute walk from the station.

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Hi Jim!

I'm looking forward to seeing you too! And I've know you want to go somewhere with your family at last day in Japan. I lecomend the Ueno Park. It is very big green park, and It have variety of museums and zoo. This zoo's name is Ueno Zoo. It has various kind of animals. If you are bored at there, I recomend to go to the museums in the park.
If you want to there from Tokyo Station. Take the Yamanote Line , and get off at the Ueno station. It only takes 5 minutes.The patk is near the station.
Please enjoy!
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beautiful place.....
Dear Jim

Hi! My name is Syoma Nagamori.

You must be tired after parking.

I will recommend very very good place.

The place is....TokyoDisneyland!!!

Because as you know,It is one of the bigest amusement park in Japan!!!

How to go to there from the Tokyo staion is very easy!

You get Keiyou line.About twenty minutes later,you will be there.

There is no change.

Tokyo Disneyline will give you dream and hope....

Enjoy your trip! Thank you!

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Hi! Jim.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
I tell you about good place.
It is Sinagawa Aqua stadium.There are an aquarium and an amusementpark. At an amusementpark,I think children enjoy playing there whole day!At an aquarium,adult can be
healed by watchig fish.
The way we go there is take JR keihin touhoku line to Sinagawa station .It takes for about 10minites.And then it's two-minute walk from an Aqua stadium.
I hope you will have a good day!!
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Hi, Jim!

I'm happy hear that you'll visit here!
I'm looking forward to seeing you too.

Today, I'll tell you the place which must be enjoyed by your family.
You should go to ODAIBAfestival inTokyo.It is big festival in Japan.
It has many events. You can eat many kinds of foods, enjoy Live which is joined by many japanese musician,and ride the big beatle-shaped robot.
It takes 30 minutes to go to Daiba by bus.
Have a nice day! Wickey
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皆さん、今日はよく頑張りました。Good job! 普段教室で習っていることは、受験だけでなく、こうして人とのコミュニケーションに使うためのものなのです。今日は初めてそれを試してみたわけですが、思ったよりよくできていて、何より楽しそうにやってくれたので本当に良かった。これからも、私たちが教えることを一つ一つ自分のものにしていってください。

Hi Jim!
I am glad to hear that you have completed preparations for your trip to Japan. I am really looking forward to seeing you.

By the way, I definitely recommend Tokyo DisneySea. Just like the Disneyland in the US, it is one of the happiest places in the world. Not only children but also adults can enjoy the fun-park rides and various events held in the park. You and Anna will enjoy the place as much as your sons will. In addition, DisneySea has a large number of restaurants so you can enjoy many types of high-quality food and drinks without waiting too long, which is good for children.

It is easy to get there from Tokyo Station. Take JR Keiyo Line and get off at Maihama. You will see the huge amusement park in front of the station. It takes only 13 or 17 minutes from Tokyo to Maihama, depending on the type of train you take.

I hope you will like my idea.
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