Dear Students,

We are approaching the end of summer!
You've studied English hard so far and now I'd like you to write something in English on this blog.
For this assignment, you are required to write on either of the two topics below:

* Restaurant Review
What is your favourite restaurant in Sano? What kind of meal do they serve and do you choose? Where is it? Opening hours? When is the best time to go there? With whom do you enjoy eating?

* Your special day or fun event this summer
Choose one particular day or event which was so fun or exciting that you can't forget. Describe what happened. Why is it so memorable? How does it stand out from others? Who was with you?

Enjoy your writing time!

Ms. M
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My summer vacation is gone... ;(
I was not enjoy in vacation. I can't tell you about my enjoy summer...
What I talk you?

So, I'll talk with you about "my favorite RAMEN".
I have a favorite ramen restaurant,"Hachiya-Syokudo". I think it is the best ramen restaurant in myself.

  <!>Why I like the restaurant?? 
Hachiya's ramen is Sano-ramen. But many restaurants has too. 
But my tongue said ... "Hachiya's ramen is very delicious!!!!! DELICIOUS!!!"
I love the ramen soup of 醤油.  I have never eaten other tastes but 醤油. I don't know the other of taste ramen in Hachiya. 

And noodles is "Tijire-men". It is characteristic of Sano-ramen. "Tijire-men" is feel good!

Say it again, Hachiya's ramen is very delicious!! :)
I think you have to try that!
Finally, I'm not mania of ramen. But my homeroom teacher is ramen mania. If you want to know delicious ramen restaurant, ask him. Then, you may be happy... Maybe ;P

Oh, sorry. My tongue can't speak languages.  

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No title
Restaurant Review        written by K

I went to Sendai in summer vacation.
And I ate beef tongue dishes in a restaurant.
I forgot the restaurant’s name… but I will never forget its beef tongue’s taste.
Its atmosphere was eerie because there were many stuffed animals and
it was dimly-lit.
The restaurant to which I went was very impressive.
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On Augast 9th I went to Tokyo Dome to watch baseball game. Giants vs Doragons. I go for Giants. Espesialy I like Sakamoto Hayato, because he is a good baseball player. It is more fun for me to watch baseball game in the stadium than on TV. I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the stadium. The winner team of the game was Doragons. They got several homeruns. I was sad. I want to watch a game in a stadium again.
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My summer vacation
My summer vacation

I often play basketball in the summer vacation. But I went to firework display with my friends in our holiday.
The firework was held on August.9 in Maebashi.
Fifteen thousand fireworks were displayed there.
I and my friends ate"yakisoba".
we watched fireworks,eating it.
It was very beautiful .
It began to rain on my way home.
But we were bringing umbrella.
So we didn't got wet.
We had a good time on the day.(終わり)
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Go to The Nigata University!!
I went to the Nigata university with my class mate. That morning, I get up at 5 o'clock. I was so sleep and felt to be getting a cold. So I was worry about to go well.

As I took a bus cherterd by our school, my friends waited for me yet. It took us 3 hours and hafe to arrive to the Nigata university.
I enjoyed to talk about something with my fryends while that time.

I visited school of nurse in the Nigata university. At first I was surprised how big the university is, And there were many students. It was very nice for me the university's establishments except that there was not school cafeteria.

I want to enter the university.

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I went to KARIBIAN BEACH with my friends.It is an amusement park with a lot of pools. First we gathered in Sano Station.Then we went to Kiryu Station by train. The nearest station is West Kiryu. Then we took the train and went to NIZATO Station. Then we walked there.When we got there, There was a long line. We waited for an hour to enter. First We went to OONAMI. I was all most drowned. But it was fun. Then we wentto flowing pool. There were many people there,but we enjoyed. Then we went to diner to eat. I ate yakisoba and potato. It takes good. Then We went to Water slider.It was hard. Because after eating. But it was fun.Then we went to NIZATO Station to back home.When I back to home, it was already 8.30. It was tired, but it was very fun. 楽しい夏でした。
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