Hello, my dear students!

As a final lesson of this summer, today I'd like you to post your answer on either of these topics in English.

"What is your favorite TV show? Tell us the title of the show, what the show is about, and what makes it your favorite?"


"What is your favorite meal? You can have anything, anywhere with anybody. Describe what you really like to eat and why."

Of course, anyone can join here - junior high students, college students, even adults too!

For the high school students, your post is due by 10 p.m. today. 50 words or more!

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My favorite meal
My favorite meal is curry with pork cutlet. You can buy it at 7-11, but it is not as good as the one at an actual restaurant. I like curry by itself and cutlet too, but when I eat them together on one plate, it is the most delicious meal of all.

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my favorite meal
Hello! I'm Wickey!!!!!!!!!

My favorite food is Kentucky Fried Chicken I eat with friends.

I like it so mach that I go straight to K.F.C just after the race everytimes.

After a game, the fried chicken I eat in a train with myfriends is much more delicious than I eat alone in myhouse!

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My favorite meal: Ice cream
My favorite meal is ice cream. Especially I like chocolate-flavored soft cream. I also enjoy soft cream with other kinds of soft creams. I often eat ice cream after meals and in the morning. I prefer ice cream from ice cream shops to the one from convenient store. When I am free, I want to go to the ice cream shop with my best friends.
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My favorite meal is Sano ramen. Wenever I feel hungry, I try to go Baku which is near my house. The poke wich the ramen restrant
make is very soft. I had never eat since I met it. I like the ramen so much that if Baku is closed,my life whould be boring.I recommend you to go there with your family.
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I like bread.
I eat it everyday.
In particular, I like bread which is fresh from the oven.
I prefer sweet bread to salty one.
Besides, I eat it with my family.
Not only I but also my family like it very much.
One day, we were happy to eat it when we went to a bakery far from my house.
I wish I could be a baker.
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My favorite meal: rice
My favorite meal is food with a lot of Carbohydrates. I eat such food about six times a day - breakfast, between the classes, lunch, after the club activity, dinner and before sleep. Rice is my most favorite food with Carbohydrates. It is so nice because it can change many tates and it can match various side dishes. I often eat it with my team mates. This means I am Japanese.
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My favorite meal is cold Udon.
When it is hot,I feel like eating cold one.
So I eat Udon more often in summer than when it is cold.
it is very great.
After school I eat it with my friends in the restaurant.
It is so fan and so happy.

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My favorite meal: Cutlet rice bowl
My favorite meal is cutlet rice bowl. Especially I like to have a cutlet rice bowl served by a Soba restaurant near my house. One year ago, when I went to the Soba restaurant near my house, I found it best. Since then, I have loved a cutlet rice bowl. I miss a cutlet rice bowl.
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My favorite meal: Pasta
My favorite meal is pasta. I have liked it since many years ago. I often eat it. It is very delicious. It tastes best when I eat with my friends. Especially I like pasta of Mentaiko. Mentaiko is good with many kinds of food, but I think it is best with pasta. I will continue to enjoy pasta forever.
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My favorite TV show
Please let me introduce my favorite TV show. It is" Hannah Montana"Hannah Montana was broadcasted on DisneyChannel in USA 7 years ago.It's comedy drama. In Japan,I watched it on TV first time when I was eleven,maybe. It was really fun. Since then, I'm interested in everything in foreign countries! Now, I bought its DVD box and listen to their English very carefully.Thanks to that, I think, I can understand spoken English a little.The more I watch it, the more I want to understand that. Because of this, I LOVE "Hannah Montana". I really want to meet its actresses and actors!!
Thank you for reading my passage;)
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My favorite TV show
My favorite TV show is mystery dramas produced by BBC - such as Miss. Marple, Hercule Poirot, and Sherlock Holmes. These days I enjoy watching the latest Sherlock Holmes starred by Benedict Cumberbatch. This is based on modern London, not on the days of Victorian period, so it is much fun to see Sherlock and Watson using blogs and twitters on smartphone. Sherlock speaks so fast and so much at a time that I sometimes have difficulty catching up with him. I'm looking forward to the season 3 coming up and can't wait to get the DVD box.
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My favorite meal is sushi. I eat it at sushi-bar near my house with my family. We don't make sushi at home, because it is easier and more delicious to go to eat at restaurant. I often eat maguro and salmon. They are very delicious for me, but my father doesn't like them. I hope he can eat them too.
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My favorite meal is pasta. I eat at my house and at restaurant. When I go to family restaurant, I always eat pasta. I like tarako pasta best.
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Rice Omelet
My favorite meal is rice omelet. I make it in my house and eat it almost every day. I like it very much so I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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my favorite meal
My favorite meal is Soba. It is made from buckwheat.
I like it very much.Especially I like Zarusoba.
Zarusoba is very simple but it is very delicious.
Of course, other kind of Soba is also very delicious.
I think Soba is one of the most delicious japanese food.
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"How do you like Wednesday?"
My favorite TV show is "水曜どうでしょう"
It is local variety program in Hokkaido.
I think, it is travel program. Maybe. Lol

"Journey on a dice" they go to the destination by the dice, they have to ride the cubs all the way back to Sapporo from Tokyo within 72 hours, they go around Shikoku Pilgrimage 88 Temples, and they cross America ,other times Australia and Europe.

There are other episodes except for travel.
The longest cooking show in Japan and so on.

"How do you like Wednesday ?" Is funny sooooooooooo much.
One of my favorite episode is " Moped Rally Through Eastern Japan".
It's because I like... I don't write here. Please watch it and other episodes too.

I think, a charm of Yo Oizumi is in "How do you like Wednesday ?".

Anyway I love it.

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